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I Joined a Diabetes Online Forum/Community


January 28, 2010


Yesterday's blood sugar reading was false, I am back the one-teens (118) once again.  I was thinking that maybe tomorrow I will take my sugar readings three times tomorrow.  Maybe I am getting higher results due to the dawn phenomenon?  I'll never know unless I check.


A few days ago I decided to do something different in the management of my diabetes.  I decided to join an online forum where I can become part of a community of like-minded, and like-inflicted individuals such as myself.  I found a good one right away at www.DiabetesForum.com.  The few people I have communicated with seem nice and knowledgeable.  Who knows, maybe it will help me to continue to continue to maintain my control over this damn disease in the (very) long run. At the very least I am networking with other diabetics and gaining additional information I may never have had.


Due to a number of things I had to take care of, I could not go to Tae Kwon Do the past few nights.  To make up for it, I did a full stretching routine and worked out with some light free weights.  Tonight I walked up and down the 22 flights of stairs (5 flights up and 5 flights down four times,  plus 2 more). Tomorrow more stretching and weights (yes I did stretch tonight before I walked), followed by a night or light stretching on Friday before going back for that tortuous conditioning/stretching class on Saturday.


Until next time . . .


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