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January 27, 2010


This morning my blood sugar reading was an 81. Yes, and 81.  I could not believe it.  Yes, it could have been a fluke reading, but I decided not to test it again, and let myself enjoy the feeling of having a normal blood sugar reading.  I wanted to soak in the happiness all day.


In addition to this, I also weighed myself this morning and found out that I had lost 4 pounds since I began dieting.  At least I know my dieting is working (or I am at least burning off more calories from exercising than I am eating).  However, I had lost a lot more the first time I had started this diet.  I decided to do some research and looked back at the archives on here and realized that I was only eating 3 ounces of meat at a meal - and of course was losing weight faster.  I am eating at least double amount of meat that with my current diet.  I had decided that I could begin limiting my meat intake (and probably carbs as well), but as the scale showed, I am losing weight, so what I am doing now is working.  I'll see if my sugar numbers were a fluke before I make a full decision, but I really do not want to go on that very strict diet again -- I will not be able to last.


One thing that could have led to the low blood sugar number was the fact that I had taken Prandin last night with dinner, as prescribed, but I also took one extra pill with my late night snack & other meds.  But would it still affect me like that 8 hours later?  Who knows. I'll have to wait until tomorrow's reading to see.




Until next time . . .


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