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Two Weeks on Diet and Still At It


January 24, 2010


194.  That is how I started off my last post a few days ago after not posting for many months.  Well, today I could post a much different number - 113.  No, that is not great, in fact it is 33 points off from where I want to be when I take my sugar reading in the morning, but it is a huge decrease.  How have I done it?  Mostly through diet and exercise.  As I think I mentioned last time, I have begun taking Tae Kwon Do classes, which include some conditioning classes.  Yesterday was the second conditioning class I have taken.  Although I fared much better than last week, I was having a very hard time keeping up with the rest of the class, especially all those younger folk, the black belts, and those that have been doing this a lot longer than I have.  In addition to the martial arts & conditioning, I have also begun to add in some of my own stretching and light free-weights workouts on the days I do not have martial arts classes.  One thing I always said when I was got myself into shape three years ago is that muscle burns sugar more efficiently, so by exercising with weights I am creating more muscle and burning away the fat, I am in effect modifying my body so that it will use the sugars in my body much in a much better manner.  So the more I work out, the better my body will function.  The only thing I have to figure out is how I am going to be able to schedule everything with how I run my life and all of my responsibilities to family, work, websites, etc.  Another thing I had said and will say again is that Diabetes is not a very convenient disease, especially for people that have no time.


Besides the exercise, today marks two weeks that I have been on my diet.  I cannot say that it has gone perfect, but I am definitely more into the routine than not.  For instance, my staple diet (once again) has become chicken, salad and rice.  Guess what I had for dinner tonight?  Guess what I will have for lunch tomorrow and what I will most probably have for dinner tomorrow?  Yup, you are correct - chicken, salad, and rice.  There have been a few minor lapses from the diet, but nothing totally off-the-wall.  For instance, we took a colleague out to lunch to celebrate his retirement last week.  The waiter mistakenly brought out a French onion soup.  When everyone denied ordering it, I said, I'll take it (I had ordered a Cajun chicken salad for my entre).  I could have done without it, but I forgot myself (i.e., that I was on a diet), and ordered it without thinking.  I felt a little guilty afterwards, but it was good and along with the soup, I was filled up at meal's end.  My diet is for the most part the basic ADA/AHA diet along with common sense of my 4Fs diet (don't eat anything with Flour, Fast food, Fatty, Fried and high in sugar.


Tomorrow I will weigh myself and see if I hopefully lost anything.  Although weight is important, it is more important that my body begins reacting more positively towards my sugar levels.



Until next time . . .


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