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Why Can't I Maintain A Diet or Exercise Routine


April 25, 2009


Okay, what's the problem with me?  I seem to almost continuously begin dieting, and within sometimes only hours of starting the diet, I give up on it.  I guess I have not really ever gone very far off my "dieting" -- I mean, since being given the diagnosis of diabetes, I have not pigged out on sugary stuff like cake, cookies or sugared cereal.  However, I will sneak in that little extra something that I should not. Or I eat a half a package of Sugar Free cookies, which most of you probably know is not low calorie.  I know that it is just mental, but I really have to get back to being a lot stricter because I have gained back a ton of the weight I had once lost.


In addition, I have not been able to really begin an exercise routine.  I have a billion excuses, think about it the following day and, always say to myself that the excuse was lame - however, I will go back to doing it again the next time.  For those that know me, do know that time is a luxury for me.  On a regular weekday I am up early and by the time I am finished putting the kids to sleep, it is after 9:30 or 10 PM.  At 10 o'clock at night, I am in no way physically or mentally ready to exercise, except my sleep muscles.


Today is another day, and so far I have been doing well with my diet.  Well, so far it is till the morning, I am stuck in the waiting room of my mechanic, and have not had a chance to cheat yet.   I do have salad waiting for me at home for lunch, which is what I intend on eating, but we will see how the mechanic pans out -- I could be here all day and I am not sure what my choices are for lunch.   Well I guess it will also depend on my mood.  If I am still here three hours from now, and aggravated, I am sure I will go with the fattier choice.  If not, and I am home, salad, it is -- although I really hate salad.




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