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Can Diabetics Drink Decaffeinated Coffee?


January 28, 2009


Well, it has been four days, and I am still going strong with the diet.  I started some light exercising yesterday with free weights and did my first run tonight (actually, walked up and down 6 flights of stairs 3 times).  On Monday, I saw my doctor as a follow-up to being sick two weeks ago.  The blood workup came up okay, but during my visit, my doctor began discussing the benefits of coffee with me.  Telling me how the anti-oxidants in the java helps a person stay healthy.


I remember reading about the studies that showed that regular coffee drinkers were less prone to things like heart disease, and it may help prevent the onslaught of Type II diabetes (if I only knew then).  However, once you have something like diabetes, is it still of a benefit?  I have performed a little bit of research on the net regarding this subject and found that caffeine is NOT good for diabetics. However, the studies are inconclusive at to whether decaffeinated coffee still provides the same benefits as its caffeinated counterpart.  If so, it may not be able to prevent diabetes, since we already got it, but it may be able to help ward off some of the other nasty stuff that can happen to us, such as heart disease (which a diabetic is more likely to contract).


I have never been a coffee drinker, but will consider starting out my morning at work with a cup, if it will yield health benefits in the long run.   However, I need to do more research on the benefits of decaf before taking this step.  If you have any info on this, please contact me at the email listed below.


Well, it is way past my bedtime, so I must get to sleep.


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