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I'm Fat Again and My Blood Sugar is High


January 25, 2009


Two years and eights months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I had a blood sugar level of 342.  I decided to take care of it on four fronts -- Medicine, Exercise, Diet and Knowledge.  In only seven months I lost over 60 pounds, and reduced my blood sugar levels to non-diabetes levels -- where I was not taking any medications.  However, in the past two years I have have gone up and down in my commitment.   I went back on medications a year ago and have hit almost 215 pounds (actually 214).  Although this is not my highest weight, and I have been fairly okay with watching my sugar intake, I am coming back to a place I thought I would never see again.


Yesterday I decided that I would begin another diet with exercise routine.  This is something that I have decided upon many times over the past two years.  I have restarted and failed with dieting and exercising (something I am sure none of you ever experienced), but I am going to make a stand of it this time. I have reopened this website (it was down for a while), and I am going to allow everyone to see my progress and hopefully give you, the readers, some type of motivation to start or keep up your diet/exercise.  It will also give me some extra incentive to let my readers know how I am doing - and I do not want to give let you know that I am faltering.  Last night I went out to an all-you-can-eat buffet and stuffed my face with the intent of it being my "last meal." [Note: I did somewhat watch my sugar.]


My goal for this year is to once again stop the need to take medications and lose about 40-45 pounds and get my weight back down to the 170-175 lb. mark.


I started the dieting today with my ever present breakfast of 1 cup Cheerios, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 banana, 1 slice low-carb multi-grain bread and cream cheese.  Lunch was low fat cheese and low carb bread and dinner was chicken and salad.  Unfortunately, I was not feeling well (I have been fighting a cold for a while) and did not begin exercising.  Tomorrow night I visit the doctor and hope to begin the exercising on Tuesday.


Wish me luck . . . .


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