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If You Do Not Have The Time Do Not Become Diabetic



February 16, 2008


Man, getting back into the health kick has been very, very hard. I am “mostly” eating right, but still have not begun any type of exercising. I mean, nothing, nada.  Part of it is not being able to find the time.  During the week I am up by 5:15 AM (yeah, really), then run around all morning getting the kids ready and to school before getting to work myself.  Then I work a full day – and recently I have been putting in extra hours because I have been incredibly busy.  I get home and either cook or order out for dinner, we eat, clean up the table/kitchen, then spend some time with the wife & kids before they go to sleep.  At this time it is already 9 PM or after.  I have been on the move for the past 16 hours and the last think I want to do is exercise.  Not only that, I still have my websites to work on – which I sometimes need to work on at this time, which leave very little if any time to exercise.  I have no idea how I was able to do it last year because it seems like there must have been more hours in the day back then.


Yes, yes, yes, I know how important it is to manage this f’in disease.  I have even told you readers how important it is when I was high up on my podium working out or running every day.  Man, I really need to balance my life more, or else there will be less of it, or at least less of a life where I will be able to get something out of it. So let this be a warning to those of you reading this that do not have diabetes – do something now to prevent yourself from getting this disease because besides all of the physical damage it can cause you there is also the “lifestyle” changes that go along with it that include making (or tyring to make) time out to do things like exercising and taking your blood and taking medicinals, going to extra doctors, etc.


Until next time . . . .


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