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Holiday Diabetes


December 30, 2007


Staying in Check for the Holidays


Well, made it through most of another holiday season so far.  However, it was not my best attempt at being healthy.  I was doing okay up until last week.  However, the good guy I am, I paid for my wife to take a trip (alone) to see her family for a few days.  This meant that I would have to take care of the kids myself. Unfortunately, it also meant no time to exercise. I also went away for two days myself - although not alone, I brought along my youngest daughter, which once again meant no exercise. However, my fast sugar reading this morning was 95.  It will take time but I will get it back down to the low 80s (without the Metphormin) again.


Well, hopefully you all made it though the holidays okay.  If you cheated a little bit, do not feel guilty.  We are only human, and that little bit of pleasure as special times of the year is okay.  It is when we go way off, is when it is not okay.  For example, a small slither of "real" (i.e., with sugar) pie or cake is okay -- two big slices of that same pie is no good.  A small piece of grandma's fried chicken is okay -- half a bucket of Col. Sander's original recipe chicken is not.  Unfortunately, diabetes does not leave us for the holidays, and we must always be vigilant.


Sad Story: Murdered By Diabetes at 50


Diabetes is a real disease that must be watched.  The reality is that it is not like a cold or something a lot more serious.  It can lead to all type of complications, including death.  Last week I went out to a diner for breakfast with my parents who saw some people they knew.  We started talking, and they had their own Jelly on the table.  My mother made a comment, and they answered, it was sugar-free.  My mom mentioned that my father was diabetic as well as me.  I talked to the guy who was diabetic about some of the things we were doing to maintain the disease such as the pills we were taking.  He also told me the story of his brother who had diabetes, did not take care of himself and passed away a few years ago due to complications.  The fear of death is an ultimate reality check.  Unfortunately, we very easily try to forget about this and do our own thing -- especially when we cannot see the immediate consequences of our actions.  A piece of nice sugar-rich pie may just get us a little tired afterwards, but it all adds up and ultimately it could lead to our deaths.  Personally, I am not as scared of death as I am of going blind -- another one of those consequences to not controlling or maintaining this disease.


Happy New Year


Wow, this blog is only 8 days after my previous post.  Hopefully I will be able to keep this up in the following year with my writings, which will hopefully include some info that you will find helpful.


To everyone . . . . have a very happy and healthy new year!!!


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