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December 22, 2007


First, sorry to all my regular readers from last year.  I know, I stopped writing and some of you have emailed me concerned that something has happened. Well, I am still okay, but just got fed up with being diabetic and everything that goes along with it.  After a year of doing really awesome -- then I went down hill.  It was not a quick ride, but a slow walk downward.  Okay, fine, I did not completely plunge into an abyss, but it is not that great either.  On Monday I went to the doctor for a checkup and my weight was 202.  For those of you counting, I gained back over 30 pounds.  As for the blood sugar, I am almost 100 when I take my morning fast reading and just under 120 for my reading 2 hours after eating.  I know that that is still fairly decent, but although I have been eating a bit unhealthy (a lot of fatty/high cholesterol stuff), I have been staying away from anything with a lot of sucrose.  In addition, I stopped exercising.   No running and no working out -- no nothing.


So I have made the first step, I went back to the doctor (I have not been there since last May or June), the second was to begin eating a little healthier again, and the third, which is the hardest, is to start exercising again.  On Tuesday, I walked up & down the stairs (10 flights), but it is not Saturday, and I have not exercised again.  It is already getting late, and I will try to walk the stairs today, but we will see.


Now that I have begun to write again, I will hopefully continue to write again on a more continual basis.


Until next time . . .


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