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Diabetes Under Control - But Still Not Exercising


Saturday, May 12, 2007


My trip to the doctors office (two weeks ago) was a success . . .  I guess.  All my vitals looked good and my diabetes is still under control.  However, I know that it could go south at any time.  I have been very good in watching my sugar intake.  The bad news is that after a few days good start in exercising I stopped completely.  Part of it was mental, but a big part of it is time - I just do not have any.


I wake up very early in the morning, take my kids to school, work a full day (not to mention the 45-50 minute commute each way, cook dinner, eat, play with my kids, then try to put an hour or three into my websites.  There just does not seem to be any time for exercising. Mentally, I am ready to get back into a regular routine -- but I am just tired.


Yes, I know, I really need to make time for exercising, but I an exhausted as it is.  It seems that I have been bringing home work from my regular job on weeknights and weekends and that just puts more pressure on my time.  I love my kids and want to spend as much time with them as I can, but it seems like the 24 hour day is just too short.


Mother's day is tomorrow and I want to wish all of you mothers all the best, but to remember to watch what you eat.  Remember, diabetes does not take a day off (as much as we all hope it will). If you go to a restaurant, enjoy yourself, but do not go too crazy.  If you order a pasta dish, fine, but do not have the loaf of bread with it.  If you want an item with a sauce made with a lot of sugar, order the sauce on the side and put a little bit on your food for taste - it is better than not having it at all.  If you want to have that piece of cake for desert, have a small piece, but also to do some walking afterwards.


Until next time . . . stay sweet and sugar free.


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