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Quarterly Checkup With Doctor


Saturday April 28, 2007


I went for my quarterly checkup at the Doctor on Wednesday.  I kind of felt embarrassed going to him.  When he saw me three months ago, I was at the prime of my physical health (at least as good as I have been in the last twenty years or so).  My pressure was good and everything looked good to him, including the EKG.  Of course he took some blood and I will wait to see the results in a few days.


Why was I embarrassed?  Well, I guess that it was because I was doing so well, and I was kind of ashamed that I fell off the wagon.  When you think about it, what would you say about someone you knew that began to “digress” in his health progress.  I did not like the way it felt.


Hopefully I will get myself caught up enough with the work I have to do on my other websites and begin to start exercising a little more regularly.  Yes, I did start again, but it has been very sporadic.  I have just been very, very busy.  In fact I am writing this at 5 am in the morning because I have little time during the day.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the old story about Diabetes being a lifestyle change, but with work and kids, your own lifestyle has to take a back seat.  However, I will try to keep on finding that 30 or 45 minutes to run or work out.  At least it is getting nicer outside and I can begin running again.



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