1/25 Manging Diabetes
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Celebrating My Birthday and Seven Months Managing Diabetes


Thursday, January 25, 2007


I went away with my wife for a whole weekend without the kids.  It was great. I love my kids, but getting away from them for a day or two every few years is a must.  I have to admit, that although I did get a little piggy with the fatty foods, I was very good as far as watching the amount of sugar I had.


I have bacon with my eggs both mornings and had some pasta one night.  However, I can say that I did very good.  Even at an all-you-can-eat buffet we went to, I was very good.  Actually, I have to commend the place because they had a very large selection of low carb & low fat foods, including a huge selection of sugar free deserts.  It was nice to chill out and relax.  However, the hotel had a decent gym and I managed to get in two full workouts both days we were there.  I guess I could have done without the workouts, but as I told my wife, diabetes doesn’t take any time off.


In addition, I went to the doctor last night and he was impressed with how I have been managing and has taken me off of one more pill and reduced a second.  I no longer have to take the Tricor and he has halved the cholesterol medication.  He may also lower my blood pressure meds again if the test results come out okay next week.  However, I have been under a little stress this week due to some issues with my websites.  This has caused me to miss a few workouts and eat a little more than normal.  I hope it does not skew the results.



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