12/25 6m Anniversary
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Six-Month Anniversary With Diabetes


December 25, 2006


Much has changed, yet have still remained the same.  I have the same job, the same wife and kids, the same activities, etc., but I feel different and seem to always be in a rush.


What has happened, is that I am still trying to live my life as I always have, but have tried to shove my diabetes maintenance into it.  For instance, instead of just having breakfast, I have a whole production that includes measuring the cereal and milk, taking my blood pressure and a half dozen other “steps” to that I never did before.  Exercising has also taken a huge toll on my time.  Instead of relaxing after dinner, I have to rush whatever activities I am doing, just so I can make sure I run my 2 miles (yes, I am up to running two miles non-stop) or working out with the weights.  I think that I am making my wife crazy by continuously telling her every night that I need to work out.  I know that it is an inconvenience to her since it puts her in a position to always put the kids to sleep.  To tell you the truth, most nights I would rather sleep, watch TV or put the kids to sleep myself. – back to the point of this story – well, anyway, I have put all of these extra things into my life, but have still continued to live it as I have before.


The great side effect to all this exercising is that my body is beginning to take shape.  I can actually see muscles that I have not seen in years.  My weight has been within the same 2 or three pounds, but you can see a lot of muscle mass where there was previously lots of fat.  As I keep on saying, the compliments really do make you feel good.


Now I have another six months to look forward to before my one year anniversary.



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