12/07 Blood Glucose Test
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My Blood Glucose Test Says That I am at 118


Thursday, December 7, 2006


My BG test this evening 3 hours after dinner were a 118.  That is really high from my normal which is usually about 20 point lower 3 hours after a meal.  I still have to suspect that my body is getting used to the lack of metformin. I have to admit that the high reading is both worrisome and annoying.  I really do not want to go back onto this med, so there have to be other options besides exercising and following my current diet.


I did some research today into diets for diabetes inflicted individuals.  I found a number of people who have used the no-carb or very low card diets to control the disease.  If the numbers still stay high, I might try to do that.



<no name> writes:

you think 118 is high??
70-130 for an adult


My response:

What Is The Normal Range For Blood Glucose In A Diabetic?


The writer is entirely correct that the normal "range" for blood glucose levels is between 70-130, and more specifically according to the American Diabetes Association (see: http://www.diabetes.org/about-diabetes.jsp) that a person with a fasting BG level between 100 and 125 has pre-diabetes and someone with over 126 has diabetes. The range (so that your level is not too low) is also between the 70 to 130 mg/dl.


However, it is a range, which means that it takes into account people of all ages, weights, medical histories, etc.  I was diagnosed with a BG level of 342.  Prior to being taken off of the Metformin, my fast was usually in the lower 80s and depending on the time I took my blood and the exercise I did after a meal would usually be in the low 90s.  My own personal "normal" range has been between 78 and 102, and usually does not go beyond 82 to 98. [This is my own personal range and will be different for every individual] So when I receive a reading of 118 three hours after beginning a meal, it is very high to me - 25 to 30 points higher than usual.  A 25% increase is fairly substantial to me.  There are other Type 2 people I know whose normal ranges are a higher than mine (with medication), so everyone is different.


Although I know that I can never reverse this blasted disease, my goal is to control it as much as possible.  I am trying to keep it in as much of a normal range as I can without any sugar controlling substances.  I fear that people look at the range and say to themselves that their personal normal range is between 110 and 130 and although they could lose a few pounds and do not exerciser, with medications they can remain "normal" and tell everyone that they have everything under control.  This is especially helpful when they take that food item that they really shouldn't - they can justify eating it because they are "normal."  If you are in this category, please listen to me - with a bit of diet and exercise, you can lower your own normal range. 


Neither dieting or exercising or finding the time to do either is easy.  Personally, I am getting along much better than I thought I would on my diet.  I used to like to eat and still do.  I am not suffering because I have not had my daily bagel with cream cheese every morning, nor because I have not had a fried piece of food in months.  Yes, there are still things I crave, but I have little tastes of them here and there.  I do wish I could eat normally again, but it is not a complete devastation of my life (as I thought I would be).  Exercising I found to be less "enjoyable" than I had originally expected.  Many years ago, I used to enjoy exercising.  Now I find it a nuisance.  It is something I know that I have to do, so I do it without the same enjoyment I used to get as a youth.  Yes, I am looking better than I have in the past twenty years, but I am not happy about it.


Anyway, since I was only going to give a short response, the writer was correct about there being a "normal range."   However, that range takes everyone into consideration.  Each of us has our own personal range and we first need to know what it is and then do something about it to stay within it and if possible, keep it as close to non-diabetic normal as possible.



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