11/26 Exercise
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My Current Exercise Routine


Sunday, November 26, 2006


As a diabetic you need to exercise.  From month to month and year to year you exercise and should change as your body, health and mindset change.  Many years ago I used to work out big time and hit the gym six days a week.  Now, I do not have that luxury and only have some free weights in my house (I do not even have an exercise bench). But even then, what I did was change my exercise routine every month.  It was based upon the techniques of bodybuilder Lee Haney and the varied angle training.  This means that you exercise the muscles in different ways.  For instance, in one month you would do barbell benching for the chest, in the next month, you would use the nautilus machine, the next month you would use pulleys. You would also alternate between barbells and dumbells, and also alternate between incline, straight and decline exercises.   By changing your plan of attack on the muscle each month, you do not give it a chance to become used to the exercise. When your muscle is not used to the exercise is when it grows the most.


Every time I stop exercising for a week or more, I go back and use less weights to begin again, so my weights may not be very heavy, but they are just enough resistance to provide the needed effects. Anyway, this is what I am doing these days:


day 1= chest, shoulder, tricep; day 2 = back, bicep, forearm & wrists; day 3 = aerobic (30 minutes run or step machine); repeat 1-3; day 7 = rest


Chest, shoulder & Tricep workout:


sets x reps x pounds

3 x 10 - Pushups

3 x 10 x 15lb - 1 Hand Press

3 x 10 x 36 - Military Press

3 x 12 x 15 - DB Shrugs

3 x 10 x 5 - 1 Hand Triceps Extension

10 x 15 secs - Stomach Tightening

3 x 20 - 1/4 Situps


Back, bicep, forearm & wrist workout:


3 x 10 x 31 - Rows

3 x 10 x 31 - Curls

3 x 8 x 15 - 1H Curls

3 x  8 x 10 1H Reverse Curls

3 x 10 x 36 - Wrist Curls

10 x 15 secs - Stomach Tightening

3 x 20 - 1/4 Situps


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