11/24 Vacation
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The Long Weekend Vacation


Friday, November 24, 2006


Since we went out of town to my Aunt's house for Thanksgiving, we decided to stay in the area for another day and make it into a long weekend and mini-vacation.


Unfortunately, when you pack and bring everything with you on vacation, if you want to or not, diabetes comes along with you wherever you go.  However, now that I am living with it for a few months, it does not seem that bad anymore -- okay, it is just as bad, but I have gotten used to all the hassles and inconveniences that go along with it.


I had the "continental breakfast" at the Quality Inn hotel this morning.  They used to have cheerios, but the best low-sugar substitute cereal they had was Rice Krispies. I had a little bit of that with some skin milk, a half a small container of low-fat, no sugar added yogurt and a half a Belgium waffle (which you make yourself) with sugar-free syrup.  It was not a bad breakfast, but far from the best.  I told everyone that I wanted to go out for breakfast tomorrow.


We went to a huge shopping/holiday store with some family during the day and we ate at their food-court type of place.  Luckily, they had a salad I could eat with low-fat dressing.  For dinner, we went to the Country Kitchen.  Amazingly, we got a seat right away.  I ordered the Trout off of their low-carb menu with salad, mashed potatoes & corn (I only had half the mashed & corn) with a half of one of those little corn muffins they serve.  The meal was good.  My mother had originally suggested going to an all-you-eat buffet.  I said no, it was a waste for me and I knew that my father should not be their as well.  I would go and eat right, but it would not be worth what I paid for the meal and I could not eat the things that I really wanted.  I was also worried about my father who is tempted very easily by the evil foods.  He will "just take one" of this and "just take one" of that, and very easily jack up his blood sugar count.  I would not be able to enjoy eating when I knew that he was eating like that.  Even for dinner, they brought out the wrong side-dishes, so instead of returning them, they let him have them, but brought out the ones he originally ordered - and had all of them, along with at least one muffin.


Note: I try to maintain a meal schedule where I eat approximately every 3 hours with at least 2 hours between any two given meals.  One of the biggest problems of being with a large crowd is not where to eat (diabetics can eat just about everywhere), but when.  My normal schedule is 6, 9, 12, 3, 7, 10.  There are so many factors when dealing with other people that you just have to do your best.  Sometimes you need to insist on eating at a certain time.  Sometimes you just need to go and eat something yourself, even if the rest of the group is not eating together.  If they do not have diabetes, they may be sympathetic, but they do not understand.  Be as flexible as you can, but in the end, your health comes first.


The hotel does not have its own exercise facility, but we could use the one across the street for $10.  However, I needed to do cardio today and was not willing to pay 10 bucks to go on a treadmill. However, the weather was nice and I was able to go out and run this morning for a half an hour.  It was probably 40 percent run and 60 percent walk.  However, it felt good both mentally and physically. I cannot wait until the Spring so I can go running again.  I also see that there was a fairly significant drop off in my aerobic capabilities.  Even though I am doing the stepping machine, it does not put me through the same cardiovascular workout as running does.  My wife suggested that I run again tomorrow, but it is a day to use the weights.  However, I may do a fifteen or twenty minute run in the morning, then work out tomorrow night when we get home, get unpacked and get the kids to sleep.  I'll also see how hectic or rushed the morning is.  We are giving the kids baths/shower before we leave.


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