11/23 Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving With Diabetes


Thursday, November 23, 2006


It took us four and a half hours to get up to my aunts house for Thanksgiving.  We left late morning.  It really did not pay to leave "before all the traffic" because the hotel would not be ready and my family would not have even been awake to greet us.  So I did some work in the morning on my sites, got packed and got things ready to go -- which included making sure I had all of my diabetes management tools.  This includes all my medications, my vitamins, aspirin, journal (with pen), blood pressure monitor, carb/calorie amount book and of course my blood glucose monitor along with more than enough lancets and alcohol swabs (also making sure I had enough test strips for the few days).


I ate my breakfast as usual at 6:00 and my morning snack about 9:30. This allowed me to have lunch on the road.  We stopped at a diner at about the half-way mark (after much traffic). I had a burger (no bun) on a bed of greens and cottage cheese with seltzer.  A fairly healthy lunch while traveling. I did not have my afternoon snack, but went off to my aunts house from the hotel.


It was good to see everyone.  I did not begin snacking on the cheese and crackers and other junk they had out - which I would have done in the past.  In years past I would have sat in the seat directly in in front of the cheese and crackers and pigged out -- along with sugar filled soda. However, they put me to work when I got there.  I used to do catering and I was elected to cut up the Turkey and Roast Beef -- which is something that I do enjoy.


I did not eat until dinner.  It was served buffet style with all of the traditional items.  However, I only had the turkey without gravy, one scoop of mashed potatoes, a tiny drop of some corn soufflé stuff and a slice of no-sugar added fruit pie - with a lot of salad.  They also had bottled water, which was what I drank all night since  I did not have any alcohol because I am taking Metformin.  I am glad my aunt had stuff that I was able to eat.  I also spent part of the meal talking to another family member who just found out that she has joined the club.


For desert they had no-sugar added pie with no-sugar whipped cream (which I only had a very small slice), I also had two pieces of sugar free chocolate and a piece of sugar free mandel bread.


PS: I am writing this entry Friday morning since we got back to the hotel room late last night.  Unfortunately, I did not take my meds or check my blood -- this is something I am kind of dissapointed about.



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