11/4 Hypoglycemia
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Do I Have Hypoglycemia


Saturday, November 4, 2006 [written 11/25/06]


Although I have not been feeling great the last few weeks, I had been feeling better over the previous few days.  After a very sporadic (and scarce) exercise routine over the previous few weeks, finally worked out three days in a row again - doing the step machine on Wednesday, then hitting the weights on Thursday and Friday.  This was after a big boost on Monday after visiting the doctor who told me I look great and are doing fine.   He even cut some of my meds (yes, I did tell him I had been fatigued over the previous few weeks).


On Friday night I ate a slice and a half of pizza with some salad for dinner, which I had done before.  I began eating late (at about 8:30) and took my blood at 10:30.  My BG was 138!!! Since I stopped exercising regularly, my BG after 2-3 hours rose from low 90's to the high 90's, and even has gone into the low 100's.  I had not had such a high reading for months.  It got me a little nervous, but I figured that my body is readjusting to exercising regularly again, eating all of the carbs late and changing my medicines (he cut out one of the sugar reduction pills and halved the amount of pressure pills I was taking). FYI, my pressure was fine at 107/77.


On Saturday morning I got up early.  I was going to go on a little day trip with my father.  We were going to have breakfast later in the morning on the road.  After awakening, I took my blood and it was a 94.  This was a little high for my fast BG, but it was way down from the 138 the night before, and did not raise any red flags.  Since I was having breakfast on the road, I began with my mid-morning snack first.  I had a South Beach bar.  I figured it had all of the nutrients and stuff in it and would satisfy me at least for the two hours or so until we ate breakfast.  What I did not realize at the time is that the bar has no sugar in it at all (this was actually the reason why I purchased them in the first place).


I was getting cold while driving in the car (I was in the passenger seat).  After about a half hour, I began to get a stomach ache.  Another another hour, I began to feel dizzy and nauseas. A few minutes later, my eyes began to get blurry and I asked my father to pull over at the next stop to get me something with sugar.  My father said my whole face turned white and my hands were cold.  By the time he stopped, my eyes were really blurry, but I did feel a little better when we stopped.  He ran out and got me a bagel and Yoo-Hoo.  I ate and drank it and within a few minutes I began to feel much, much better.  The nausea began to go away and color began to come back to my face, however, I was still a little dizzy and nauseas and my body just did not feel right.  Although I would never want to have this experience again, it was good to have a real bagel and drink a half a bottle of Yoo-Hoo.  I have not had it in years and may never have the drink again.


My father turned around and we headed back home.  I called the doctor, got the service and a weekend replacement called me back about 20 minutes later.  I told him what happened and he told me to get some Zantac.  That's what I did, I felt a little better, went home and took my BG.  Although I would have loved to know what my BG was at the time of the ?hypoglycemic? episode, neither I, nor my father had our blood monitors with us.  Something like this had never happened to me before, so I did not think I would need a monitor with me at all times [now I know].  At 2:30 my BG was 209 and I took it again a few minutes later and it was 200.  I figured it was so high because of the bagel and chocolate drink.  My blood pressure was normal, and so was my temperature.  At 5:30 my BG was down to 99.  My BG before going to sleep that evening was 110.  Something was not right with my body, but it seemed to at least be correcting itself slowly.


Someone afterwards asked me, how did I know I needed sugar when I was feeling that way in the car?   Part of it was because of something I think I had read when researching this disease.  I knew (or at least I think I knew) that this could happen if there was either a huge drop or huge raise of sugar in blood.  Since my BG was 94 in the morning and all I had was the bar, my BG could not really have gone up, therefore, my BG had to have gone down (especially after reading the nutritional values on the bar package).  The other part is that I know my body and my body was telling me that sugar was going to be needed.  If I am correct with all of this, then I would deduce that I do in fact have hypoglycemia.  Wonderful, one more F-in thing to worry about.


Since this episode, I always have fast acting glucose pills with me and carry my blood glucose monitor with me on trips of any length.


Mmmmm . . . . . Yoo-Hoo. J


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