9/22 Eating Out
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Dinner at my Aunt's House


September 22, 2006


I have to hand it to my aunt, she made sure that I had plenty of low-carb & sugar free food to eat.  I went there with my family for the first night of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). She had a huge, huge spread as usual.  I mean, there were like seven or eight entrées alone, and that is not to mention the all of the food for the first two courses and the dozens of side dishes.  Luckily, she chose food or purchased special food so that I will be able to eat.  I used to go over there and completely stuff my face and I was worried that I would insult her if I did not eat like that again. She understood when I ate my own portions and did not taste a little of everything, nor did I drink any of the wine because of my meds.   Yes, I did go "off" a little bit and probably had close to 10 ounces of meat during the meal, but at least it was with proteins and not with any of the fats or the carbohydrates.  As usual, she had plenty of stuff to pack for us to bring back home.  Because I am cooking a big dinner tomorrow, I had to freeze most of the stuff, but that only means I can enjoy it in a week or two.


If you are going over someone's house for dinner, it is important to tell them of your dietary restrictions.  Although I hate to make someone go out of the way for me, at least they will know why did or did not eat their meal.


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