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Ideas To Improve IHaveDiabetes.net Website


September 18, 2006


If you have noticed, there has been a fairly common theme over the last week or so about time - or the lack of it.  Managing diabetes takes a good one hour to one and one half hours of your day beyond the norm.  I probably do an extra 10-12 minutes of extra prep in the morning for breakfast - I used to just 1. pour cereal in bowl, 2. pour milk over cereal and 3. eat.  The good old days.


Anyway, if I find some time in my busy schedule I would like to make some improvements to this site.  Some things I would like to do are:

  1. Update on a daily basis.  What I do now is jot down some notes on a piece of paper and when I get a chance each week or so, then write out the entries in this journal.

  2. Add the companion to the "1st Year Diabetes" book.  I have about half of it written out, but no time to get it to digital form.

  3. Add more actual medical information about the disease

  4. Create a forum for my users

  5. Add a diet section

  6. Add my own diet information and the stuff I received from my nutritionist

  7. Update and link to the Amazon store I created for Diabetes products

  8. Update and link to the CafePress store I created to help stamp out Diabetes

  9. Think about other ways to improve this site.


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