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Running Faster and Further, Even If It Is In the Rain


Thursday, September 14, 2006


I have figured out that I do about a mile and a half during my thirty-minute run walk (according to the dimensions on a map, it is a little over 8000 feet = 1.51 miles).  When I began exercising, I was only walking, and I was only walking about a mile or a mile and a quarter.  This evening, I began by jogging the first three-quarters of a mile to my “turn around” point, then ran & walked coming back, although probably more running than walking.


I was in no mood at all to run tonight.  I was exhausted mentally (I am swamped at work) and physically (I was tired from a long week of work, working out and life).  In addition, I was not really looking forward to go running in the rain.  I said to myself, I need to do this for my own health and there are no excuses.  The only excuse I will accept for myself is sickness or injury.  Since I am not sick or injured, I went outside in my bright blue rain slicker.  I ran further than I usually run, with less walking.  Once I get to running the full 1.5 miles, I am going to begin running further.  I realized that I was not “exercising” for a full 30 minutes, and need to maintain an increased heart rate for at least that amount of time.  My BG level after running . . . 85.


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