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How Long Should A Doctor Make You Wait?


Saturday, September 9, 2006


I hate, and I mean really hate waiting at a doctor's office.  You make appointments and get there on time (I actually try to get there early) and you wait.  It is not like the doctor does not have access to the appointment schedule.  For my general practitioner, he is a really good doctor and I do not mind waiting to see him.  I also understand that people do get sick and come in without appointments.  Although other people in the waiting room make comments, I don't.  He is worth the wait.  I like the way my dentist works.  If you have a 12:00 appointment, you will not wait past 12:05 to see him.   When I worked near his office, I used to go to see him during my lunch hour, and be back before the hour was up (and that included the 10-15 minutes it took to get there and back).  I will not even talk about the amount of time I waited for a skin doctor a few months ago.


However, I had follow-up with the foot doctor today.  I had a 10:30 appointment, and got there a little early.  The assistant came in at 10:30.  At 11:00 I went into the back room, took off my shoes and socks and got comfortable.  At 11:30 the assistant called the doctor (he goes to another office first) and he said he was backed up, but should be leaving soon.  When the assistant called again at 12:30, he was still there, but said that we could wait another hour or reschedule -- so I rescheduled for next Saturday.


I know that he was with other patients, I know that he was sorry, but why does it seem that we are always waiting for doctors?  Should we expect to wait - is it part of the package?  Maybe time management courses should be given at medical schools to doctor, nurses and assistants. If my dentist could do it, why can't everyone else?


We ordered in dinner tonight from a Pizza Place/ Italian Restaurant that I really enjoy the food.  However, the only thing on their take-out menu I could eat was grilled chicken over a tossed salad (and I told them to leave out the dressing).  For me it was a waster and it does get a little depressing watching others eat food that I cannot.


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