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What is the Normal Blood Pressure Range?


Friday, September 8, 2006


I tried the blood pressure monitor this morning and it was still low, so I took it with me to work and on the way home I exchanged it for a new one after first using it in front of the pharmacist.  She said that the machine may be right, but allowed me to exchange it anyway.  I then tried the new one at the pharmacy with numbers in the 110s over 70s. She said that the machine was okay and was fairly consistent between the two.  I took the new one home anyway.  Tonight I still got some readings in the 100s over 60s.  I hope that my blood pressure is not low.


I then checked out the "normal" ranges for blood pressure and found that a normal range would be between 90 and 120 (millimeters) for the systolic or top number and between 60 and 80 for the diastolic or bottom number. [source: medicinenet.com]  The 130 over 90 I had at the doctor's office was, as he said too high.  The numbers the machine was reading do put me in the normal range (although towards the low end).  I now feel much better.


I will start recording the numbers over the weekend along with everything else I keep a record of.


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