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Do You Think I'm Stupid?


Tuesday, September 5, 2006


The following is a summary of events that occurred a day or two after being told I have diabetes.


It was already a long day.  After getting the kids ready in the morning (and they were not very cooperative), then I went to work and it was not my best day, then after walking back to the very hot and humid subway station I finally got onto the train.  I stood up against the door at the end of the car, because as usual, there are never any seats.  I had a Soduko puzzle (a number logic game), and was only half paying attention to what I was doing.  It was just kind of hitting me that I had diabetes and was in my own world thinking about that than the puzzle I was working on.


Now you may think that I am oversensitive about the next part --- Anyway, some short girl, probably in her early twenties, asked me if she "could help me with the soduko because [she] is very good at these kind of games."  This took me out of my daze, and I just said no.  A few seconds later I got really, really mad.  Of course, I did not say anything, and kept it to myself, but why what gaul did this chick have in saying that?  Did she think I was stupid and needed her super intellect and guidance to do this stupid puzzle?  I found it incredibly insulting.  I wanted to say "What the heck are you asking for, I've completed dozens of these puzzles without anyone like you helping me and how dare you interrupt me while I am thinking about this damn disease I was just diagnosed with." I have removed all of the expletives for those of you with sensitive ears (eyes).


Handling the news that you have been diagnosed with this disease is not easy to do, and anger is one of those things that we need to handle.  Saying nothing was my best course of action.


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