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Diabetes Does Not Take A Vacation


Friday, September 1, 2006


I know that I have repeated the statement in the above title of today’s journal a few times, and will probably re-state it again, but it is so true.  Even though I am on vacation with my family, the diabetes came along (uninvited) for the ride.  I had to pack all of the pills I am taking along with the monitor and accessories. I also had to pack my journal, and a booklet that provided nutrition (carbs, calories, etc.) values for foods, including fast food restaurants.  I also have to continue to watch what I eat and exercise.  Not to mention the stuff I need for my toe (from the in-grown toe nail operation).  I used to say “calories do not count when you are vacation,” but cannot say that anymore.  Damn this sucks!!!


We had breakfast at the Best Western hotel we were staying at.  It was not what I expected.  Usually “Continental Breakfast” means cold cereal, Danish and coffee or juice.  The breakfast was in the regular restaurant and was a hot buffet of eggs, home fries & pancakes along with some cakes, fruit & bread.  I had the eggs with a little bit of the potatoes and a half a piece of fruit.  Not a great breakfast, but better than my usual breakfast of cereal and whole-something toast.


Lunch was at Ruby Tuesdays.  I ordered the Cajun fish.  It hit the spot, but was nothing to write home about.  The potatoes were not bad, but I was only able to eat a little less than the portion they gave me.  There were some good things on the menu I really wanted to order – like a nice big burger or a steak & chicken combo – but once again, I was good.


Tonight, we were just tired of going around from place to place.  We have been in the pool most of the afternoon (it was raining outside) and wanted to just stay in. We ordered in from a pizza/Italian restaurant nearby that delivers to the hotel.  I went with the Steak salad (I actually ordered the steak with just lettuce and tomato).  Unfortunately, steak on a menu could be substituted with “Steak-Um.”  Although I did eat it, I was not a happy camper.  I am glad I had a real steak yesterday.


I used the nautilus equipment at the hotel’s gym tonight.  It was good to be using some real equipment for a change and a decent amount of weights.  Although I was on vacation, I knew that I still needed to work out – regardless of being tired, diabetes does not take a vacation, so work out I must.


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