8/29 Working Out
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How Much Weight Do You Need To Work Out?


Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Muscle is built from the resistance that is placed upon it.  However, you do not need really heavy weights for your body to begin to show muscle gain.  For instance, although I am far from Mr. Olympia, my body is beginning to take shape.  You can begin to see the bicep muscle that has been in hiding for many years and a hint of the striations in my shoulders are beginning to show, my tricep is also clearly visible when flexed. I have only been working out for two weeks, but I am already seeing results.


I wrote out my routine a few days ago (on August 15th), and have been using the same amount of weight 15 lbs.  Yes, you heard me, fifteen pounds.  A few years ago, when we moved, my wife made me get rid of my whole weight set and all I was able to retain was one fifteen pound dumbbell.  By beginning with a low number of repetitions and then increasing them gradually, I was able to continue to increase the amount of resistance on the muscles.  For example, picking up the weight 8 times in a row instead of 6 will increase the amount of work the muscle does.  I have also begun with two-hands and gradually increased to one-hand exercises.  In this fashion, I have been able to milk out as much usage from this one weight as possible.  Another trick is to change the exercises for each of the muscle parts.  For example, if you are working the chest with one exercise, after a month, change the exercise for the chest.  This will once again change the resistance on the muscle from another angle.


I currently do not have a lot of room for much more additional weights, but even in the above fashion, I am really going to be needing more weights in the not to distant future and really do not want to spend the money paying for a gym.   But in the mean time, I am getting stronger, looking better, gaining muscle mass and most importantly, helping to lower my blood sugar levels.


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