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Young People Do Not Manage Their Diabetes As Well As Their Elders


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


An article entitled “Multi-Generational Survey Uncovers Behavior Changes As Greatest Challenge In Diabetes Management: Younger Generations Lagging Behind” (MedicalNewsToday.com: Aug. 22, 2006), the author summarizes a recent survey by Novo Nordisk of 2000 people about how people in different age groups manage their diabetes.  The groups were broken up into three categories: 18-40, 41-60 & 61-80.


Some of their findings that I thought interesting include:

  • The youngest age group did the least to try and manage their diabetes

  • Only 55% of the youngest group checked their Blood Glucose levels regularly

  • Seventy five percent of the youngest group reported complications associated with diabetes

  • Many of those surveyed said that family and friends lacked empathy for their situation and would say things like “a little bit won’t hurt” and “you can cheat once in a while.” [But this I chalk up to the fact that people without the disease do not really understand the disease, especially when the afflicted person does not show any outward signs of it.]

  • Most interesting fact: Only 21% of the group exercises regularly and only 19% eats a healthy diet.


If you are one of those in the youngest group, or any of these groups that is reading this – it is time to start doing something about it.  Go out there and exercise and eat right.  Today you may feel okay, but why cut your life short or live the last few years of your life with one of these complications (going blind scares me more than almost anything).  Easy for me to say when I have only been living with diabetes for two months – you may be right, but hopefully one of you will say this stuff to me if (probably when) I get lax at some point in the future.


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