8/16 Fatty Liver
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Is a Fatty Liver a Symptom of Diabetes?


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


In March or April, I had severe abdominal cramps and went to the hospital.  They took all kinds of tests: a CAT scan, blood tests, physical examination and a sonogram. All of the other tests showed absolutely nothing for the cause of the pain and food poisoning was also ruled out.  During the sonogram, the technician had a hard time looking getting a good picture of my liver because it was “fatty” (she was not bad looking, so I did not mind the extra prodding and poking).  I was dismissed a few hours later since the pain was subsiding and they could not determine why it was occurring in the first place.


A few days later, I went to my regular doctor who went over the blood test results.  He told me I had a fatty liver and really needed to lose weight.  If not, I could develop hepatitis.  This, I think was the reason why I started to gradually lose weight a month or so later.


Now, looking back on that whole episode (I kind of put it out of my mind), I am wondering if my body was telling me that I was heading towards diabetes.  I am not sure if there is a correlation between the stomach pain and the fatty liver, but maybe there was a correlation between the liver and pre-diabetes.  I also remember my aunt saying that my blood level was a little high, but my doctor said that it may have been caused by all of the stress on my body during the day (and that horrid tasting white stuff I drank before the CAT scan).


There is correlation between nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and those that already have diabetes (see MayoClinic.com and HealthScout.com), but I want to know if a correlation can also be made the other way around?  Also, if you just have a fatty liver (called steatosis), can this be an early warning sign for diabetes?  I know that it is easy to deduce that if you have steatosis, it means that you are already probably overweight which puts you at greater risk for diabetes - but has a study been made to see what the occurrences is for people with a fatty liver to be later diagnosed with diabetes?


I was wondering if any reading this had similar experiences prior to their diabetes diagnosis?  If so, you can email me at info@ihavediabetes.net.



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