8/14 Diet Tips
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 Some Diabetes Dieting Quick Tips


Monday, August 14, 2006


Here are a few things I have learned over the last few weeks in terms of my dieting:


1)     I hate salad and to get around this, I add almost anything to it, including different vegetables, meats, cheeses, fruits (I especially like cutting up ˝ of a small orange and adding it to the salad), toppings, etc. – FYI - make sure that everything combined is what you are allowed to have for your diet for the meal (just because it is in a salad does not make something automatically go on your diet).

2)     Sticking with salads – I also need to add some type of dressing.  What I do is place the salad into a container that you can seal up with the measured amount of dressing you are allowed, then cover up the salad & dressing and shake.   This is one way to try and get a little bit of the dressing throughout the whole salad, instead of just having the few globs on top.  However, the leafy vegetables, such as lettuce do get a little moist when you do this and will lose some of its crispiness.

3)     When you go into a health food store, do not assume that everything is healthy for your diet – you need to read all of the labels thoroughly.  For instance, something that is stamped “organic” tells you that it was not raised or grown with chemicals, however, it still may not be good for your diet.  For instance, I purchased organic cream cheese.  I looked at the label for the sugars, which it had very little.  However, when I got home, I still had a container of regular cream cheese in the fridge.  When I compared the two side-by-side, I noticed that the “organic” stuff had a lot more fat.

4)     Use fat-free PAM or similar cooking sprays to coat your pan before cooking instead of any of the heavy oils.

5)     If you can afford it, purchase a digital kitchen scale to ensure that when you are going to four ounces of chicken, you really are eating four ounces.

6)     More to come on another day.


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