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Internet Groups


Sunday, August 13, 2006


On Friday I joined the diabetes group on Yahoo.  I do not know if I am really an internet group type of person, but why not try.  I know it will put me into contact with other people with diabetes and I could probably learn a thing or three.  I sent my first message and introduced myself and also asked a question. I asked whether I should be taking my metformin in the morning or the evening.  I am currently taking it with my last meal, but from what I have been reading recently, I think that maybe I should be taking it with breakfast.  I sent in my message on Friday, but I am still waiting for it to be posted.  If I have to wait this long, I might not be able stay with it that long.  The good thing about the group is that there are some very interesting posts such as one I read about diabetic icecream.   Mmmmmm . . . . . Ice Cream (and I was never a big lover of ice cream before being diagnosed) and some other good information.


Ill  fill you in when, or if, I get back an answer.  There was also a type 2 group which I may join as well.


I had sashimi for dinner tonight (for those who do not know it is the raw fish with the rice on the side) with some salad.  I used to order the sashimi dish with one or two sushi rolls and a bunch of individual sushi pieces.  I would have also eaten all of the rice, instead of the half cup I had tonight.


I also read an interesting article today that diets that include a lot of spice (the study used  chili pepper) did not produce as much insulin than the study groups that had a blander diet (see Blood Sugar and Spice by Ben Harder at FreeRepublic.com).


PS: A follow-up from yesterday (8/12) my BG was 92 this evening.



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