8/7 Vacation & Diet
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Vacationing With Diabetes:

Weekend Menu & Under 200 Pounds


Monday, August 7, 2006


Sorry, I haven’t written for the past two days, but I have been busy enjoying a few days away with my family.  I did write some on Friday night, but Saturday just got away from me and last night I was too tired to write, publish or anything else.  However, today I am back in action.


The weekend was not bad, and I survived without having all of the food I have had in years past.  The weekend did not revolve around food, and I guess that is not a bad thing.  I have reprinted the proposed menu and the actual menu below.  Some of the meat figures are a little above what I should be having, but I have been good and a little cheating is not bad every now and then.  I checked my blood glucose levels twice on Saturday, once in the afternoon after lunch (95) and the second time after dinner (104).  The items I did go a little off on were mainly proteins – I do not think I would have done that with a carbohydrate.  If you look at the menu, I pretty much had either steak or chicken with salad for the lunches and dinner with eggs one morning and cereal the next.


I was pretty much okay with everything, except for Sunday lunch when I was just dying to have a greasy cheeseburger on a regular seeded bun with a large bottle of sweetened iced tea.  I was also okay without having the junk food (potato chips, cookies, Doritos, ice cream, etc.), but I was never a “snacker” to begin with, but an extra piece of steak or chicken during any of the meals would have been nice.  As I tell people, “my diet is filling, just not satisfying” – although I did enjoy dinner Saturday night.  That little piece of lobster with the steak did hit the spot and tasting 1 shrimp & 2 clams allowed me to share in the enjoyment, but not go insane.  If this were years past dinner would have included a large piece of steak, potatoes, a few shrimp, ½ dozen clams, and other assorted food items.  I was good and I am proud of myself for doing so.


Since I fell asleep early last night I did not get to take my blood level, but I only had a small dinner, just some no-fat cheese on multi-grain bread. I was actually curious to see what my level was.  To me, the big surprise was weighing myself this morning.  I finally broke the 200-pound mark, weighing in at 199.4 lbs. (I got a digital scale which reads in tenth of a pound).  I have not been under 200 lbs for 15 years.  I was looking at the proper weight charts for height and according to the chart, my “recommended” weight should be about 175.  However, 20 years ago when I used to exercise and go to the gym 6 days a week, I was 192 lbs (and went down to about 185 when I stopped working out lost body mass).  I know that it was mostly muscle (which is heavier), but 175 lbs might be too light for me.  I will talk to the nutritionist tomorrow, but I think that 182 should be my goal.



Menu For Weekend


Proposed menu

What I actually ate

Sat. Breakfast



1 ½ Cup Cheerios

1 cup skim mil

1 slice multi-grain bread w/ cream cheese

½ lg. Banana


Scrambled Eggs (2 egg whites & 1 reg. egg)

1 slice whole wheat

½ cup apple juice

Sat. Morning Snack

1 Fruit

½ slice Multi Grain

Did not have

Sat. Lunch



Grilled Chicken

Rice (1/2 Cup)

Salad and/or grilled vegetables

1 slice Multi-grain bread

Flavored Seltzer

1 pc. Grilled chicken (6 oz)


1 slice. whole wheat

½ orange

flavored seltzer

Sat. Afternoon Snack

1 slice multi-grain Bread

1 Fruit

1 slice multi-grain

1 slice cheese

Sat. Dinner



Lobster w/ butter (low fat) & garlic sauce (1/2 lb pre-cooked)

Steak (max. 10 oz. Pre-cooked)



Corn and/or Grilled Vegetables

1 Fruit

Flavored seltzer

1 lobster tail (~ 4 oz meat)

6 oz. steak - grilled

2 clams

1 pc. Shrimp

1 slice multi-grain

½ orange

flavored seltzer

Sat. Eve Snack

1 Chicken Taco

w/low fat cheese & sour cream

Flavored Seltzer

¾ cup popcorn

1 slice cheese

Sun. Breakfast



3 Egg White Cheese Omelette  w/ 2 pc. Low-fat cheese & vegetables (onion, broccoli, tomato, etc.)

1 cup Skim Milk

½ Large Banana

1 slice multi-grain bread


¾ cup cheerios

1 cup skim milk

1 slice multi-grain

cream cheese

Sun. Morning Snack

1 slice multi-grain Bread

1 Fruit

1 slice multi grain

cream cheese

2 oz. lox

Sun. Lunch



Order in Pizza (1 ½ slices)


And/or Leftovers

6 oz steak - grilled


1 slice multi-grain

flavored seltzer


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