8/3 Book Review
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A Good Book About Diabetes (Type 2)


Thursday, August 3, 2006


I think that I have mentioned that I ordered a whole slew of diabetes cookbooks and a few diabetes informational books.  One of the books I ordered is called: “The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes” by Gretchen Becker.  I read about 20-30 pages this morning and have thoroughly enjoyed it so far.  I know that I am still a rookie at this whole diabetes thing, but I have learned a few things from the first few pages so far.  What I liked the best about it was that it provokes you to think about some of the things you are going through and gives you some side stories about different people and what they went through.  Eventually, when I finish reading this book, I will write a book review, but I have an idea that will help us all before I am through.  What I plan to do is to create an online supplement (or workbook) to this book.  What I have in mind is as follows:


  1. All people are to read the chapter BEFORE using the section – this is going to be like a book club where you first read the book, then discuss it afterwards.

  2. A very brief one or two sentence summary of the topic(s) discussed in the chapter. For example a summary of the chapter Day 2 would read “Checking your blood glucose levels, especially for first year diabetics is very important.” This tells you what the chapter is about without telling you all of the who’s, what’s and whys.  If I gave an in-depth summary, then (a) it wouldn’t really be a summary and (b) you wouldn’t read the book.

    1. Maybe somewhere down the line, I may be able to find some way of getting this book (or other diabetic information books) to people with diabetes that cannot afford them, and they are not available in their local libraries.

  3. I will provide questions about each of the topics.

    1. This way I start out the topic, and you have one more experience from which to read.

  4. After each question I will give my own answer to the question

  5. Reprint your answers to the questions (there will be a place to submit your own answers)

    1. This will allow others to see various points of view, helpful hints or experiences with the different topics.  Diabetes does not affect people the same way nor is it treated exactly the same by every doctor.  It will be good to see what others are doing and thinking.

  6. Provide exercises or activities for you to do. For instance, one of these early chapters talks about Glucose Monitors.  An exercise may be to have you go out and get one (if you do not already have one).  I have to think this through a little more before I begin writing doing this.

  7. List links to other online resources that are specific to the topic.  I will begin to list a few, but I may need your help in building up a good list of informative links.


If anyone has any suggestions regarding this supplement idea, please let me know (using the email below).

To send a comment: If you want to comment on this post, please email me at info@ihavediabetes.net with your comments.  Please note the date of the post you are commenting on and also tell me if you would like me to post it for all to see - also optional, you may include your name and email address.  Please no SPAMs.


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