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How to Use A Glucose Monitor


Monday, July 31, 2006


Well, some of you newbies to diabetes are probably wondering how to use the glucose monitor that you have just bought or are just about to purchase (not that five weeks makes me any where near a veteran).  Well, if you have been reading my journal since the beginning, I did not want to begin taking my blood until I had too.


The first time I actually did it, I stood in the bathroom and waited almost 15 minutes until I used the lance.  Too tell you the truth, it was not that bad.  I really did not think I would have been able to do it to myself, but I did and have done it again, many times since.


If you are interested, I received the Accu-Check Compact Plus. The glucose machine only cost me the amount of the co-payment.  With the machine, I also purchased extra testing strips, lancets (the pins) and some alcohol swabs.


The first thing to do is to set up the machine.  Some machines need to be calibrated, luckily with the one I got, I only had to do a quick test first.  So, set up your machine and read all the materials first.


After everything is set up, you need to set up.  Some lancets, such as mine are loaded into a pen type instrument.  If you have one of those, be careful when loading the lancet.  With my machine, I have a lancet pen, which allows me to indicate the depth the pin goes in.  It suggests to start with 2, however, I started with 1 1/2.  However, that did not puncture deep enough, so I tried 2 with the same result and finally hit red oil with 2 1/2. Next, turn the machine on and place it to the side.  Wash the finger you want to prick, then dry it.  Next, wipe the area with the swab.  Take a breath and ready the lancet device, place it on the desired area, take a deep breath, close your eyes and prick.


When blood comes out (obviously you have opened up your eyes), place the testing strip in the blood (read directions for best way for your machine) an wait for the result.


The number that appears is your blood sugar level.  My doctor wants me to stay somewhere between 80 and 100.  Keep in mind, that when you take the test (in relation to when you last ate) it will change the results - and sometimes dramatically.  The lowest reading should be after you wake up - called the fast test.  The highest will be directly after a meal.  The more sugars/carbs you ate, the higher it could be.


The nutritionist had me write down my blood levels four times a day over a one week period (7/12/06 - 7/18/06), I shall reprint it below so you can see:


  Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tue.
Fast/ Wake Up 102 118 87 89 88 97 95
3 hrs after breakfast 118 105 90 109 133 108 91
2 hrs after lunch 122 157 (1.5 hrs) 126 141 127 N/A 119
2 - 2 1/2 hrs. after dinner N/A 108 101 108 123 108 N/A


Until next time . . . Be and eat healthy.


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