7/28 Book Review
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Book Review/Preview: The Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook (2nd ed.) by Louis M. Soneral

Friday, July 28, 2006

I finally received my first diabetes specific cookbook from Amazon yesterday.  The book is entitled "The Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook: Simple and Delicious Low-Sugar, Low-Fat & Low-Cholesterol Recipes" by Louis M. Soneral.  I have had a chance to look it over.  I read all of the information before and after the recipes and have looked over most of the recipes.   I am going to give you my impressions now, but I will come back to revisit this page from time to time as I use the recipes -- if I write other reviews I will do the same thing with those as well.  I'll tell you which ones I liked and those that I will probably not try again.

General Impressions:

Ease of Use - The book is arranged in good order to make finding information fairly easy, although a synopsis at the beginning of each food section would have been a little more helpful (maybe for the 3rd ed.). Although I have not tried any recipes, the instructions seem easy to follow.

Amount & Depth of Recipes - There are probably around 180 to 200 recipes in this softbound book, which does provide for a lot of variances. However, the book is, as she states in her forward that this cookbook is "top heavy with desserts, casseroles, appetizers and snacks."  If you were looking for a recipe book with a lot of main dishes, then this book is not for you.  A great addition is the calorie & exchange information after each recipe

Diabetes Information - If you do not try one recipe in this book, no problem, because the information about diabetes and managing the disease is written in a very sensible non complicated fashion which I found enjoyable.  This includes a forward about herself and her struggle to get diabetes under control, eating rules and tips, exchange lists, substitution help, and a whole lot of other information that you would probably find helpful -- especially those new to the disease.

About the Author - Louis M. Soneral was a woman who was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes with a 907 (no, I did not type this in wrong) blood sugar level.  With the help of doctors and loved ones, she took control of her health and lifestyle and was off insulin within two years from diet and exercise.

For What It Is Worth - My Opinion

As I mentioned above, the information given at the beginning and end of the book was well written and written in a way that made it very easy to understand.  Her own story of triumph was also one of inspiration.  However, I was a little bit disappointed with the recipes.  First off, I am not a snack and dessert person, so most of those type of recipes are worthless to me.  Even then, some of the desserts, like the cheesecake sounded delicious (as a life long cook, I have the uncanny ability to discern what a food will taste like just from reading the recipe), however, the size of a portion is only a one inch square piece of cake.  With a full time job, a family and other responsibilities, I really do not have the time to make such a dessert for such a small "reward."  Another think I did not like about the recipes is the selection of foods.  I know that I am still new to this game, but some of the recipes did not appeal to me.  It may be that I need time to have my taste buds adjust to liking these kind of foods - who knows?  I also do not have time for many of these smaller side dishes & appetizers.  I need to not only make something healthy for myself, but also make something for my finicky family to eat.  I am glad that I can get a mixed salad in a bag these days, because there is just no time to make one myself.

If I was at a different stage in my life where the kids were out of the house or I was retired, I would probably make more use of this book than I anticipate.  I will come back to it to reference the informative materials, but probably not use very much unless I have time on a weekend afternoon with nothing to do or if company is coming over and I need to make either appetizers or side dishes for the main entrées.

Note: I am going to try to get image of the book and links to where you can purchase it.

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