7/24 What To Eat?
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What to Eat?

Monday, July 24, 2006


I seem to be eating the same thing or variations of the same thing over and over again: chicken with rice, chicken with salad, chicken with vegetables, etc.  Every now and then the chicken is substituted with fish or beef.  I know that there are other things that I can make, but it takes time.  With a full time job and a family, there is not much time to prepare anything too elaborate.  Grilling some chicken and adding a quick starch and vegetable fills me up (especially with a lot of salad) and I can make it fairly quickly.  Besides having to cook for myself, I need to make something for my wife and kids.  My wife will eat the healthy stuff, but grilled chicken and salad is not the most appealing food to a young child.  So I wind up making two dinners each night.  Sometimes, I make three because my wife is a very picky eater.


Also, I hurt my back yesterday, and it still hurts me a little bit today, so I have not been able to put in any good exercising, so I walked in place in my room for 20 minutes.  My after dinner blood sugar was 111 last night a bit higher than most of the readings I have been taking for that hour.


Recipe: IhaveDiabetes.com Chicken and Brocolli


For dinner tonight I made chicken and broccoli.  It came out okay, nothing to write home about, but edible.



1 lbs boneless chicken (cut off any excess fat)

1 10oz box of frozen chopped broccoli

2 tbs soy sauce (low sodium)

1-2 tsp garlic

2 tbs lemon juice

2 tbs Worcestershire sauce


The way it was prepared was to first take the box of frozen chopped broccoli and put it into the microwave to defrost it (it is probably better if it is defrosted already, or if you have fresh broccoli).  After it is defrosted, place it in a small pot with water and boil until the broccoli is soft.  Then I took about 1 lbs of boneless chicken and cutting them up into bite size pieces (or a little larger). Next, I put two tablespoons of soy sauce (low sodium) into a fry pan and heated it up with a few pieces of garlic (I put in about 1 tsp, but looking back I should have added more) on a medium flame.  When the sauce was hot (before it starts to smoke) I put in the chicken.  There should be enough to give a little flavor to all of the chicken.  Continuously mix the chicken in the pan.  When the chicken looks almost done, add the lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce (try to sprinkle them both around the entire pan) and mix the chicken until done.


Depending on your own personal meal plan, you can whatever amount your diet dictates.  I served this with brown rice, salad, pita bread and some applesauce.

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