7/21 Insulin
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What Does Insulin Do?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Although I consider myself a pretty smart guy, when it comes to talking to doctors about myself or my family, or just understanding anything medical about myself, I become dumb.  To correct this "dumbness" I try to do lots of research.  Today I finally found out why our bodies need insulin - i.e., what does insulin do?

Because I am not a doctor and really do not know all of the particulars, all I can tell you is that insulin acts like the animal feeders at the zoo.  If you think of your blood cells as the animals and sugar as the food, the insulin is the person who opens up the cage door to let in the food.  Without insulin, the doors on the blood cells do not open, and therefore do not get enough energy or food.  Another way to think of it is that insulin is like the doormen to a blood cell letting the sugar in and out.

I hope that was simple enough to understand.

If you were wondering, I did not take my blood glucose level last night.  However I took it tonight at 9:30, 2 hours after dinner began, and came out with a 95.  That is pretty good.

Today, I spent part of my lunch break going onto Amazon and ordering some diabetic cook books.  When they come in,  I'll try them out and give you a review of the books.  In fact, when a recipe is really good, I'll tell you about it.

Well, besides doing the father thing, working all day, eating dinner, walking up and down 27 flights of stairs and working on this blog, I am tired.  I need to get some shut eye.

Good Night!


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