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Curing Diabetes

Saturday, July 8, 2006

I will be placing some advertisements on my site very soon (it is already too late tonight to do much), but I was thinking about what I should do with any money I make from this site.  First off, it will go to maintain the site.  Secondly, I will donate either twenty or twenty five percent of the net profits to a diabetes related charity.  Now, what should I do with the rest?  Yes, it could just go straight into my pocket, but it somehow does not feel right.  Then, while on my way to work yesterday, I thought about what I can do to help cure diabetes.  Giving to research does help.  I want to do more.  I am a smart, not so young, guy who is motivated to finding a cure.  I then thought about going back to school to get a degree in nutrition, followed by a nutritionist degree and certification.  I could become a nutritionist and help a few people, however, I would rather go into research and find a cure for all people.  Therefore, I may use the remainder of the profits to pay for the degree.  After I finish the degree, I can then start a fund to help pay for the education others prospective students that want to pursue a career in the medical research of diabetes. If I can do something about this disease, then why not.  The reality is that (1) I will not make that much money, (2) even if I wanted to do this, it would probably not be for a few years before I begin and (3) my interest in doing this in a few years may not be as strong.  I wonder what my wife would think of this idea - I have not told her yet.

I went to a party today.  I had chicken and turkey and kept on my diet.  This evening I went out to a Turkish restaurant.  I love meat and used to enjoy going there.  Since I was limited to the amount of meat I could eat, I did not enjoy myself as much  (baby lamp chops over rice pilaf).  I guess that this is not the right kind of restaurant to go to right now - or maybe to any restaurant?

The glucose meter came yesterday.  I had no time to work it last night, then I was out of the house all day today. I know that this is not a good thing.  Tomorrow I will try it out and if all works well, I will lance my finger and get a blood sugar reading. I hope it is somewhere around 100.

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