6/28 Bad Luck
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What Else Can Go Wrong?

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am still surviving this diet.  As someone said, you should eat to live, not live to eat.  It is not just that I am eating less, or that I am eating healthy, it is that I am not able to eat what I want.  I also enjoy cooking. I do not care what anyone has to say, you cannot experience the same tastes using diet ingredients that you can on real ingredients.  How can I cook anything beyond a tasteful blandness, when I cannot make it taste the way it should. [I think my complaining about this diet will probably become a usual topic for my ramblings until I get used to this diet.]

I went to see the doctor again today.  First I showed the nurse my glucose machine and she could not get it working either.  When you first start using the machine you have to do a blue test.  However, I keep on getting an error when that happens.  The nurse tried it as well, and even re-started the machine and it still did not work.  However, she used her machine and my blood sugar went down to 171 - exactly 1/2 what it was on Sunday.  This made me fell at least a little happier.

The doctor came in soon afterwards. He was glad to hear that my sugar levels went down, however, he told me my triglycerides, pressure, cholesterol and blood pressure were all up.  So as he said "From taking no pills last week to taking 5 pills this week" - but he wants to get all of these things down to normal levels.  Did I mention that I really do not like taking pills either?  My theory is that if you take pills for too long, your body forgets to do the things that you use the pills for and you become dependent upon them forever.  It is going to be one of my main goals to get off all of these pills as soon as possible.  He also wants me to go see my eye doctor.  It is now official, I have type II diabetes. or more technically speaking, diabetes mellitus.

I have also though of a way to channel some of my anxiety and anger (I'll admit to being pissed off about this) about diabetes to some good.  As a web master of a few sites, I felt that it would be a good idea to set up some kind of a website about diabetes.  I did some surfing yesterday and found a lot of information about diabetes, and many of them were corporate info sites by drug companies, but there was not much for the real person with diabetes by real persons with diabetes.  I also want to give other people with diabetes a sense that they are not alone and show them what I someone else is going through.  I'll try to put easy to read information and links to useful resources about diabetes for others - for all kinds of diabetes.  I wanted IHaveDiabetes.com, but it was taken by a cybersquatter, so I chose www.IHaveDiabetes.net and I also got www.IHaveDiabetes.info as well.  Hopefully, the site will be successful and help out others.

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